The Eagle Huntress – 09th of March 2018

The Eagle Huntress cert U 

Nominated for Best Documentary, 2017 BAFTAs

Director: Otto Bell

Cast: Narrator: Daisy Ridley

Mongolia Mongolian/English subtitles 87 mins

UK release date: Dec 2016

Aisholpan is thirteen and wants to be an Eagle Huntress. The traditional role of Eagle Hunter is passed down from father to son, and some of the elders object to a girl taking on this male role. However her father believes she can be equal to any boy. This documentary takes a fascinating look at the life of a nomadic family on the Mongolian plains. One scene in particular, where Aisholpan is lowered down to an eagle’s nest to capture her eaglet, is spell binding.

N.B. There are brief scenes of animal butchery and the hunting down of a fox by the eagle.

“The savage drama of the remote Altai mountains in central and east Asia makes for an arresting backdrop to this life-affirming, stunningly-photographed documentary.” – Wendy Ide, The Observer.

“In doing so they’ve managed to make a documentary that belies its obviously modest budget both in its epic quality and in its rugged beauty.” – Geoffrey Macnab, The Independent.

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