10th. March 2022

Audience Award: World Cinema Dramatic,
World Cinema Dramatic Special Jury Award for
Best Screenplay – Sundance Film Festival 2020

March 10th
Identifying Features 15
(Sin señas particulares)
Director: Fernanda Valadez
Cast: Mercedes Hernández, David Illescas,
Juan Jesús Varela
Countries: Mexico/Spain. Language: Spanish with subtitles. Running time: 95 mins
UK release date: May 2021

Magdalena is a mother searching for her son, after the authorities tell her he died while trying to
cross the border into the United States. On her quest, she crosses paths with Miguel, a boy not
unlike her own son, as he journeys back in the opposite direction after being deported from the U.S.
Magdalena, determined to discover her son’s fate, finds herself caught up in the crime syndicate
underworld, struggling to navigate her way through the web of lies and deceit surrounding her.

“There is unbearable heartbreak in this migrant drama from first-time Mexican film-maker
Fernanda Valadez – and also a vision of real evil.”
– Peter Bradshaw, Guardian.

“Identifying Features has a subtle frantic quality, a kind of restraint in bearing witness to the unspeakable horrors facing countless others who must stay silent.” – Monica Castillo,

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