HAPPY AS LAZZARO (Lazzaro felice) (12 December 2019)

Best Screenplay, Cannes 2018  

Director: Alice Rohrwacher

Cast: Adriano Tardiolo, Agnese Graziani, Alba Rohrwacher

Italy      Italian               subtitles            94 minutes cert 12A

UK release date: Apr 2019

The tale of a meeting between Lazzaro, a young peasant so good that he is often mistaken for simple-minded, and Tancredi, a young nobleman cursed by his imagination. Life in their isolated pastoral village is dominated by the terrible Marchesa Alfonsina de Luna, the queen of cigarettes. A loyal bond is sealed when Tancredi asks Lazzaro to help him orchestrate his own kidnapping. This strange and improbable alliance is a revelation for Lazzaro. A friendship so precious that it will travel in time and transport Lazzaro in search of Tancredi.

“Unfathomable promise of happiness, gently tugging you upwards, like a balloon on the end of a string.” – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

“Rohrwacher’s embrace of temporal elasticity creates an aura of fantastical confusion, one that she mines as a site of allegorical richness.” – Erika Balsom, Sight and Sound

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