C’mon C’mon

Cert 15

10th November 2022

BAFTA 2022: Best Actor in a Supporting Role- Nomination Woody Norman; San Francisco Bay Area Film Critics Circle 2022: Best Screenplay

Director: Mike Mills

Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Gabby Hoffman, Woody Norman

Country: USA                 109 minutes

UK release date: Dec 2021

Johnny (Joaquin Phoenix) is an emotionally stunted and soft spoken radio journalist who travels the country interviewing children about their thoughts concerning their world and their future. When his semi-estranged sister Viv asks him to look after her son, Jesse, while she cares for her ex-husband, the emotional tables are turned on Johnny. Cool uncle and inquisitive nephew embark on a journey across country, whilst discovering different aspects to themselves, one conversation at a time.

“This is a movie about listening -really listening – to what other people have to say.” – Wendy Ide, Observer (UK)

“In brilliant black and white and with careful sound design, the director makes very subtle use of flashback to compose this exciting story of family reconciliation.” – Andrew G, Bermejo, Cinemania (Spain)

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