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Film Club at the Roxy, a non-profit making venture was formed
by a small group of film enthusiasts inspired by the late Gwyneth Walker.
This is our archive material from the early beginnings
of the club in 1989

Read the story of the creation of the film club in the words of Gwyneth Walker. Here she vividly describes how the ideas, the philosophy and the policies which are still our guiding brief, were brought together in very practical ways to create the basis of the club that we know today.


Gwyneth was publicity secretary, Robin Hutt
was then and is again chairman of the commitee.
Joe Senogles was then vice chairman.
He died in 1995

Joe joined the club at its inception.
His knowledge and enthusiasm led to his
joining the committe in 1990.
He was chairman until 1994
and despite illness he remained
vice chairman until his death
at the age of 73.




The club received the award in 1993
'for bringing quality programming to an existing commercial cinema in a rural
area and developing audience numbers'*

*membership in this year was 135, a number which has fluctated at times
but is consistantly well above 100.
Currently, we have over 200 members.
This makes us one of the largest non-profit making film clubs in the country

This article written by Gwyneth featured the new Film Club in the BFI film Magazine 1993